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Spray Nozzles

Fluids applied economically.

HIESSL Spray Nozzles

HIESSL Lubrication Technology - Fluids applied economically

Your goal is our challenge: to only apply as much fluid as necessary.

Economic application of fluids with our spray systems achieves huge cost savings:

  • Significantly reduced energy, procurement and storage costs
  • Substantial cuts in cleaning costs for workpieces, machinery and workstations
  • Increased tool uptime and reduced rejection rate thanks to optimal lubrication and cooling
  • Minimization of disposal costs for waste oil

Spray patterns

  High pressure Low pressure
Spray air
Droplet size small large
Oil diffusion high low
Distribution fine coarse
Wide spray air
Core spray area much larger than halo larger than halo
Lubrication pattern ellipse circle
Volume large small


Nozzle technology

Our product range includes a wide variety of dual-material spray nozzles in many sizes and for various applications. The quantity applied can regulated by a stopcock, which also has the advantage that the spray head cleans itself. The angle of spray can be configured according to the use case. All our spray nozzles are pneumatic and have very short actuation times. Thanks to the wide variety of spray heads we offer, we are able to cater to all requirements. Electronic control can also be implemented, while accessories and customer-specific solutions make it possible to economically apply a uniform film of fluid even to hard-to-reach surfaces.

Flexibility: The machine type or use case determines the configuration and delivery specifications of the spray device.

Our products are components of a modular system: Almost all spray devices, nozzles, valve units and accessories can be freely combined. This makes it possible to cater to your unique requirements and requests and also to extend areas to be sprayed to accommodate complex processes.

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