XONOL RV30 is a cooling lubricant with a base of deodorized hydrocarbons with added vaporizing agents. After evaporation, a thin residue of film remains. XONOL RV30 has optimum cooling and lubricating properties, particularly for carbide punching tools. Built-up edges are prevented and significant performance improvements are made possible by extended tool lifetime and improved surface finish.


Non-cutting metalworking, e.g. stamping, fine blanking, nibbling and deep pressing, and cutting operations, e.g. screw tapping, high-speed milling, turning and sawing of aluminum, aluminum alloys, magnesium, titanium and titanium alloys.

Appearance: clear, blue tint
Water safety class (WGK VKIS): 1
Viscosity (20°C): 4 mm²/s
XONOL RV30 Cooling Lubricant