XONOL RV is a cooling lubricant with a base of deodorized hydrocarbons with added vaporizing agents. It is free of chlorine and mineral oil. The product evaporates fully and has optimum cooling and lubricating properties, particularly for carbide punching tools. The thin lubricating film evaporates in seconds without leaving any residue to ensure clean and environmentally friendly operation.


Machining operations (boring, turning, milling and sawing) with aluminum, aluminum alloys, magnesium, titanium and titanium alloys. Non-cutting forming operations (punching, fine blanking and nibbling) for all contact workpieces and aluminum and copper alloys, e.g. using Bihler welding machines.

Water safety class (WGK VKIS): 1
Viscosity (20°C): 1.85 mm²/s
XONOL RV cooling lubricant