XONOL LUB is a diethanolamine-free cooling lubricant containing mineral oil with highly effective lubricating and film-producing properties and excellent long-term stability.


XONOL LUB s ideal for heavy cutting operations involving steel, cast steel and Cr-Ni steel, as well as aluminum and aluminum allows.

Viscosity of concentrate (20°C mm²/s): 252
Appearance: off-white
Recommended concentrations:
Medium-duty cutting of steel
and aluminum alloys
5 - 6 %
Heavy-duty cutting of steel alloys and high-steel allows, sawing and thread-cutting 8 - 10 %
Reaming with Dihart and Mapal reamers 8 %
Refractometer factor 1.0
Mineral oil content: 47%
Corrosion protection DIN 51360/2: Note 0
(4 %)
Water safety class (WGK VKIS): 2
Emulsion pH-value: 9.0