XONOL HDF is a synthetic cooling lubricant containing chemically active lubricating compounds and highly effective agents that produce a consistent film. The product is suitable for use with all materials. Optimum cooling and lubricating properties, particularly for carbide punching tools and improving surface finish. The product has very good moistening properties. In addition to MQL, the lubricant also has an evaporative cooling effect. XONOL HDF has high pressure-bearing properties and is highly cost-effective.


Cutting operations (screw tapping, threading, grinding, form milling, turning and sawing) of metal alloys, Cr-Ni steels, titanium, aluminum alloys, Non-ferrous metal and copper alloys. Non-cutting operations (thread molding, fine blanking and rapid punching, bending, embossing, rolling and drawing, e.g. using Bihler stamping machines) involving Cr-Ni, aluminum and copper alloys.

Appearance: light / blue tint
Water safety class (WGK VKIS): 1
Viscosity (20°C): 63 mm²/s
XONOL HDF Cooling Lubricant (Synthetic)