Valve Units and Housings

We offer comprehensive and compact valve units and housings to supply air and fluids to spray nozzles, spray arrays and spray gates and to control delivery. Here too, design and scope are adapted on a modular basis to the characteristics of the broader system.

The operator can centrally define and optimize pressure settings for these valve units. In this way, these provide easy-to-monitor and reliable connection between the pressurized container, the pump and the spray nozzles.

Valves are the interface for electronic management and connection of the spray system.

Adding further benefits, valve housings protect the components of the valve unit from dirt and, particularly in larger configurations, provide a harmonized overview to the machine.


Pressure regulators with gages
High-quality valves for air and oil, with further connection options for spray heads (any number possible)
230 VAC or 24 VDC, as well as custom voltage and corrosion-resistant variants
Variety of spray intervals
Modular system

Valve Units

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Valve Housings

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tl_files/ContentPics/Ventilschraenke/pic_ventilschraenke_4.png tl_files/ProdPics/Ventilschraenke/pic_ventilschraenke_5.png tl_files/ProdPics/Ventilschraenke/pic_ventilschraenke_6.png