Nozzle technology

Nozzle block module

Our product range includes a wide variety of dual-material spray nozzles in many sizes and for various applications. The angle of spray can be configured according to the use case.

All our spray nozzles are pneumatic and have very short actuation times. Sealed by a needle pressed against the spray opening by a spring, they are absolutely drip-free. This needle is pushed back by control air pressure to release the spray opening. The fluid is fed to the spray nozzle from a separate pressure container or pump. Depending on the use case and customer preference, spray air can be channeled to the spray heads via a third pressurized tube or adjusted using a regulator coil.



This spray air envelopes and atomises the fluid as it leaves the spray nozzle. This produces a precisely directed, mist-free beam of spray that is stable in holding its direction.

The quantity of fluid is regulated via a screw that allows stepless adjustment. This makes it possible for the operator to spray with any fluid – from water-soluble cooling lubricants to highly viscous cutting and drawing oil.

Thanks to the wide variety of spray heads we offer, we are able to cater to all requirements. Accessories and customer-specific solutions make it possible to economically apply a uniform film of fluid even to hard-to-reach locations.