Process-optimized operation

Precision pressure gages

Precision pressure gages allow for optimal adjustment of container pressure and air supply at the nozzles.

Flexible output system

Flexible output system

Practical 5-way output for attaching spray nozzles. The number of nozzles can be increased further by an additional divider unit. High-quality, precision solenoid valves prevent excess air and fluids from reaching the spray nozzles.

Safety refill cover

High-quality tank

It is only possible to open the pressurized tank when the pressure is released. A mechanical release valve is integrated into the tank cover. Refilling is facilitated by a large safety opening.

Technical data

Suitable for a variety of Group 1 fluids
Maximum permitted tank pressure of 6 bar
Standard configuration of 1 bar (safety valve)
24 VDC solenoid valve, 230 VAC on request
Valve with manually assisted operation
Highly resistant sealing material
Permitted temperature: -20°C to +80°C
Tank volume: 5.7 l / 10 l / 20 l
Optional floating switch