Fluids applied economically

Our highly efficient technology for applying fluids results in huge cost savings. Thanks to significantly lower material usage, procurement and storage costs can be greatly reduced. For cutting processes, disposal and cleaning costs are reduced as shavings can be collected in an almost dry state and therefore do not require special disposal. Workpieces also stay clean and do not need to be polished, even through the surface finish is of a higher quality. Cleaning costs for machines and workstations are also significantly reduced.

Meanwhile, tool uptime is increased by several times accepted norms thanks to optimal lubrication and cooling. One key benefit of this is the reduced rejection rate. For non-cutting applications in particular, disposal costs are kept to a minimum.

Your goal is our challenge: to apply only as much fluid as necessary.

Increased productivity with HIESSL minimal lubrication systems

Non-cutting applications

Targeted and automated spraying of microparticles allows fluids to be applied more precisely and uniformly to the surface. Microparticles adhere even at higher pressures and increase their surface area under pressure, markedly increasing their lubrication properties.

Cutting applications

Several times longer lifetime resulting from rapid removal of heat from the cutting tool. Feed rates can also be substantially improved.

Benefits of our minimal quantity lubrication solutions

Huge reduction in fluid use thanks to optimal application
Environmentally friendly technology
Dry workpieces, machines and shavings
Clean workpieces with better surface finish
Simple, reliable and clean operation
Contactless application of fluid
Extended tool lifetime
Minimized disposal costs
Reduced workload for operators
High production quality
Minimized cleaning costs of machines and workstations
Lower fluid storage costs
Increased productivity

Your advantages

Very low risk of clogging due to self-cleaning spray head
No dripping due to integrated seal in the spray head
Low mist generation with patented technology
Suitable for use with your own fluids
Spray air pressure adjustment at spray head or optionally at spray device
High-quality sealing material for almost all fluids
Stepless dosage from effectively 0 to 15,000 ml/h at the spray head
Extremely compact